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Tineke Hattingh

Tineke Hattingh was born in 1994 with Downsyndrome. Like most children with Downsyndrome, she had low muscle tone. In 2005 she started to do judo as part of a programme to see what role excercise or more specific judo, could have on a persons physical developement. Tineke showed a huge improvement in muscle tone and balance and her socialskills improved. We could see an all over improvement in her developement. Since 2006 Tineke did katas at the SA's and ended in the first 4 places every year up to date. One year, even came second. In 2008 judo for the vissually impaired started and Tineke qualified as a B2 to take part in this group. But there was still no competition for Tineke on her level of functioning. In April 2011 we went to the Netherlans to take part in a competition for persons with special needs in Beverwijk. This was a wonderful experience! All the participants where classified in different groups and level of functioning beforehand. On arrival we received a coloured card with all your particulars on. There were 8 mats and at each table balloons marked the colour for the mat. The children just needed to go to the table with the same colour balloons as their cards- no reading. You know where you must be and the competition started on the dot 9o'clock. There were no computers- everything was done by hand. When the competition is over you go to your colour and the podium starts on the first mat and moves on to the next for the medals Juniors -morning Seniors- afternoon The special needs judo is already functional for 30 years in NL. Mr Ben van der Eng was our contact person and host He wrote a lot of material on the subject. They already have rules in place and the competition was well organized and 11 countries took part. Tineke was very proud of the SA flag hanging there for her presence. She got a third place and a equal chance with all.

Shawn Kerney

Drawsheet 2011 Cadet Worlds.

Korean Coaches Visit Elite Judo Club - June 2010.

Elite Practice Course.

World Kata Championships - Hungary May 2010 (Senior kata Players).

FRONT (Left to right):Tanya Basson, Willana Boshof,
BACK (Left to right):Vintcent Redpath (coach)

Elite Judo Prize Giving Primary School 2009.

Japan Group 3 Tour - December 2009 (Judo South Africa).

Shawn Kearney

Youth World Championships Hungary 2009.

FRONT (Left to right):Estony Hattingh, Esme-Joan Redpath, Liesel Delport

Adrian Redpath in action NRE Augustus 2009 Port Elizabeth.

Senior Protea Manager 2009 World Kurash Championships.

Liesel Delport

Judokas chosen to take part in the World Kurash Championships.

FRONT (Left to right):
Tanya Basson, Willana Boshof, Martinette Delport (3d place),
BACK (Left to right):
Vintcent Redpath (coach), Bennie de Winnaar (coach)

National Ranking Event - Port Elizabeth 22 Augustus 2009.

FRONT (Left to right):
Charl Boshof (2nd 0/27 kg group 0), Adrian Redpath (2nd 0/38 kg group 1),
William Redpath (1st 0/42 kg group 3 & 1st 0/46 kg group 4, Willana Boshof (1st 0/57 kg group 6)
BACK (Left to right):
Esme-Joan Redpath (coach), Shawn Kearney (3rd u/60 kg. group 3 & 4th u/60 kg. group 4),
Vintcent Redpath (coach)

National Ranking Event - Kroonstad 14 February 2009.

FRONT (Left to right):
Jaden Venter (u/38kg group 1), JG Chadina (u/30kg group 0), Charl van den Berg (u/30kg group 0 - 3rd), Dyso Leholoha (u/28 kg group 0 - 1st), Zané Veldtsman (u/32 kg group 0 - 2nd)
SECOND ROW (Left to right):
Juanelia Meijer (u/48kg group 2 - 4th), Jan-Hendrik Meijer(u/34 kg group 2), John van den Berg (u/38 kg group 2), Jude de Villiers (u/50kg group 3), Jacque Groenewald (u/42kg group 3 - 2nd)
BACK ROW (Left to right):
Quinten Coetxer (u/81 kg group 6), Michelle Delport (u/44kg group 4 - 1st & u/44kg, group 5 - 1st). Eben van Schalkwyk (u/66kg group 4 - 3rd) Shawn Kearney (u/55kg group 3 - 3rd, & u/55 kg group 4 - 4th), Albert Visser (90+ group 4 - 2nd)
William Redpath (u/38k kg group 3 - 1st), Wilana Boshoff (u/57kg group 6 - 3rd), Michael-John Lawrence(u/34 kg group 0), Ursela Brits (u/70kg, group 5 - 3rd & u/70kg group 6), JJ Brits (u/81 kg group 6), Chris Groenewald (u/30 kg group 1)

Champion of Champions - Wits University 31 January 2009.

FRONT (Left to right):
Adrian Redpath (1st u/38 kg group 1. Champion of Champions Devision),
JG Chadinha (3rd u/30 kg. group 0. White/Yellow/Orange division, 3rd u/30 kg. group 0 Champion of Champions Division.),
John van den Berg (4th u/38 kg group 2. Champion of Champions Devision),
Charl van den Berg (1st u/30 kg. group 0. White/Yellow/Orange division, 1st u/30 kg group 0 Champion of Champions Devision.),
Zané Veldtsman (1st u/34 kg. group 0. White/Yellow/Orange division, 2nd u/34 kg. group 0 Champion of Champions Devision.),
William Redpath ( 1st u/38 kg. group 3 & 2nd u/42 kg. group 3 Champion of Champions Devision.)
BACK (Left to right):
Shawn Kearney (4th u/55 kg. group 3 & 3rd u/55 kg. group 3 Champion of Champions Devision.),
Eben van Schalkwyk (u/65 kg. group 4 Champion of Champions Devision.),
Martinette Delport (3rd u/52 kg. group 5 & 1st u/52 kg. group 6 Champion of Champions Devision.),
Esme-Joan Redpath (coach)

Congratulations to the following judokas who were selected to participate in the trials at Kroonstad.

Martinette Delport
Quinten Coetzer
JJ Britz

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