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International Judo Federation IJF Home Page

Judo South Africa Judo SA Home Page

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Is he the best?

Former Durban Deep judo member
Jacques van Zyl
rated as the most successful judoka ever.

Zambians dominate the



A Lifetime of Judo by Kathleen Sullivan

90 year old Keiko Fukuda, the martial art's highest-ranked women, still goes to the mat for her Bay Area students.
90 year old Keiko Fukuda.

Latest Honor for Judo Master Keiko Fukuda By Heather World.

Professor Fukuda has been promoted to Kodokan Womans Ninth Dan.

The Evolution of Women's Judo, 1900-1945

By Joseph R. Svinth
The Evolution of Women's Judo.

Women's judo history Google Search

International Olympic Committee Unveils the Ultimate Olympic Reference

The site offers users a chance to play, learn and explore while experiencing the drama and excitement of the Olympic Games.


Beijing 2008 Olympic Results.


Compete with contestants from around the world in online Olympic events.

Watch dramatic highlights from past Olympic Games.

Activate animations that explain Olympic events.

Create and share photo and video playlists from the Games.

Manipulate 3D views of Olympic torches and medals, and light the torch.


Track athletic performances over time.

Compare today’s athletes with athletes from the past.

Track the history of Olympic events (BMX is in. The tug-of-war is out).

Enjoy inspiring profiles, photos and videos of Olympic heroes.

Tour the Olympic Museum online.


Search the extensive database of sports records and details of past Games.

Discover a section devoted to Olympic medals, posters and other collectibles.

Find out what’s happening behind the scenes in Beijing; hear from volunteers and fans.

History of Judo

International Judo Federation Home page.

A Brief History of Judo

History of Judo

General Judo Links
Judo: A Dynamic Motor Skill.

The only controlling Judo body in South Africa. Judo South Africa.

The Judo Information Site.

The Gokyo of Kodokan Judo: Videos of 40 Throwing Techniques.

Japanese Judo Terms.

Judo for Rugby

Right click and select 'Save As' Judo for Rugby by Emma Reed, British Judo Association.

How judo champ Kate put England back on their feet.

Can judo save English rugby?

Judo ace grapples with rugby flaws.
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