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Awards for Service to Judo

From left to right:Dr. Esme-Joan Redpath, Me. Elize Visser, Me. Lina Strydom, Me. Esme Vermaas, Dr. Attie Vermaas and Mr. Vintcent Redpath

SFS Group 1/2 Boys team SA Championships 2012, Bloemfontein

Coach: Vissie Visser, Elize Visser Manager: Gavin Mojafe

KATA Medal Winners at SA Open Championships 2012

Commonwealth Championships 2012

From left to right: William Redpath (2nd), Shawn Kearney (5th), Tanya Basson, Francois Marais, Albert Visser (3rd), Vintcent Redpath (3rd)

Ons Stad, 23 August 2012

Dialy Sun, 23 August 2012

Esmé-Joan Ons Stad, 16 August

Jaques van Zyl taking part in the Olympic Games

Judokas warming up at Saint Mary’s Primary School.

Judokas practising Judo at Saint Mary’s Primary school 2012-04-13.

Esme-Joan had trained at the club as a junior, and that is why it was so meaningful to her to restore the club to its former glory. During her student years, before Elite Judo, she coached at Sand du Plessis Primary and Koot Niemann Primary Schools. The three clubs later combined into Elite Judo in 1988, and in 1990 moved to the University of the Free State.

Esme-Joan Redpath:

Esme-Joan started Judo in 1974 at Robertson Judo club and Southern Suburb's Judo club in Johannesburg. In 1977 she moved to Bloemfontein, and practiced her Judo at the Jim Fouche Judo club which she took over in 1982.

Her list of accomplishments is very long and varied. To touch on some of her more impressive achievements; she is currently a 5th Dan as recognized by the International Judo Federation, 4th level Coach as recognized by Judo South Africa, she is a national referee, a provincial table official and a Dan grading master. Esme-Joan was also the national ladies coach from 1997 until 1999.

Judo is a sport for the whole Redpath family. Both Esme-Joan and her husband (also a 5th Dan) are coaches and her sons, William and Adrian, also practices and competes in the sport. William has already won 7 individual South African Championships and several South African Kata medallions. The younger of the two, Adrian, has also won several South African Kata medallions.

Esme-Joan says she coaches for several reasons: "I have seen so many children coming to Judo with no self-esteem and little motor skills. Usually the parents' first words to me are: 'My child cannot kick a rugby ball, he can't throw a cricket ball, swimming and tennis isn't for him so now we'll try Judo. After a few years the child is completely different. Judo is a sport where, the more you practice and the longer you keep at it, you will start to achieve. And I really enjoy the children!"

Tanya Basson:

Tanya started Judo in 1995 at her school's Judo Club (Eunice) because her mother wanted her to participate in a self-defence sport. During the first two months she juggled between Judo and Ballet, but soon had to choose between the two. Judo won out, and she's never looked back. She moved to Elite Judo club in 1999.

Tanya has received provincial colours every year from 1996 until 2005, and she has also represented South Africa in international competition in Botswana in 2000 and England in 2001. Tanya also has a bag full of SA Titles behind her name.

After 2005 her career was interrupted for 3 years by a working holiday in the UK and the start of her studies. She started Judo again in 2009 when her studies and work schedule allowed the commitment to the sport again. Tanya says that she enjoys Judo and sees it as a part of her life. "I cannot imagine myself without Judo."

"Coaching is the highlight of my evening as I take great pride and joy in teaching people what I have learnt. And I get great satisfaction when they achieve well. She coaches nage no kata and coach the group 00 up to group 3.

Esme-Joan Redpath, Wilana Boshoff, Tanya Basson,Deirdre Schroeder

Copyright: Elite Judo Club

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