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Archived news of 2008

World Championship (Turkey).

Jacques van Zyl scores with a throw in Kurash.
Jacques with Vintcent seated at the back.

On 14 November 2008 Elite Judo Club held its 26th annual prize giving ceremony.

During this prestigious event many Judokas were hounered with prizes.
FRONT:Leandra Grobler, Jean-Pierre Rossouw, Jadon Venter, E Lawrence, Dyso Leholoha,,Charl van der Berg, JG Chadinha,Michel-John Lawrence, Janco Bekker
SECOND ROW:John van der Berg, Chris Groenewald, Adrian Redpath, Zané Veldtsman, Megan de Villiers, Joshua Schroeder, Franko van der Vlies, Jan–Hendrik Meijer, Tineke Hattingh
BACK:Jacques Groenewald, Jude de Villiers, William Redpath, Johan Botha, Shawn Kearney

FRONT ROW: Albert Visser, JM Wentzel, Deirdre Schroeder, , ,Michelle Delport, JJ Britz
SECOND ROW: Ken Belter, Ame Belter, Tim Tarr, Martinette Delport, Bennie de Winnaar, Wilana Boshoff, Jonothan de Winnaar, Dawie Colyn, Quintin Coetzer

Satoshi Ninosake visited our dojo in October 2008

The SFS Team Medal Winners at the South African Open Judo Championships – July 2008 – Port Elizabeth

FRONT: Joshua Schroeder, Chris Groenewald, Jude de Villiers, Adrian Redpath, Megan de Villiers,
Zané Veldtsman, , Franko van der Vlies
SECOND ROW: Albert Visser, Jacques Groenewald, JM Wentzel, Tineke Hattingh, Shawn Kearney, William Redpath
THIRD ROW: Wilana Boshoff, Deirdre Schroeder, Martinette Delport, Michelle Delport, Esmé-Joan Redpath, Ame Belter
BACK: Vintcent Redpath, Ken Belter, Bennie de Winnaar, Jonothan de Winnaar, Sarel de Winnaar, Dawie Colyn
ABSENT: Quinten Coetzer, Bianca du Plessis, Tim Tarr, Rudolf van Schalkwyk

See the results here.

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The SFS Team and Officials for the South African Open Judo Championships – July 2008 – Port Elizabeth

FRONT: Joshua Schroeder, Chris Groenewald, Charl Boshoff, Michel-John Lawrence, Zané Veldtsman, Megan de Villiers, John van der Berg, Jan–Hendrik Meijer, Franko van der Vlies
SECOND ROW: JM Wentzel, Jacques Groenewald, Wilana Boshoff, Michelle Delport, Martinette Delport, Hanriette Visser, Tineke Hattingh, Shawn Kearney
THIRD ROW: Deirdre Schroeder,William Redpath, Quintin Coetzer, Dawie Colyn, JJ Britz,
Adrian Redpath, Albert Visser, JG Chadinha
BACK: Aldo Schroeder, Liesel Delport, Klazina Hattingh, Bennie de Winnaar, Ilze Kearney, Thea de Villiers , Jude de Villiers, Bertie Visser, Vintcent Redpath, Jos Chadinha, Esmé-Joan Redpath,
Johan Wentzel

Elite Judo club photo of beginners 2008

BACK Right: Coach, Esme-Joan Redpath

Intermediate class of Elite Judo 2008

Left back is coach Esme-Joan Redpath and right back is coach Bennie de Winnaar

Advanced Judo class of Elite Judo 2008

BACK Right: Coach, Esme-Joan Redpath

Olympic Solidarity Course 4 January 2008

Coaches, Esme-Joan Redpath en Vintcent Redpath attended a National Coaching Course during January 2008, to keep themselves up to date with the newest coaching methods.
BACK Row: , Daan Esterhuizen, Oscar Knoester, Rob Jordaan, …. , …. Alwyn Grobbelaar, .. Wessel Boshoff,
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